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Jay Romero and his stepmom, Keira Croft, have some history. There was a point in the past when they got together, but neither of them came. It never happened again, so Keira chooses not to talk about it. Jay, on the other hand, is totally into his mom and can't help but get hard when he tries to see her in any state of undressing. Spying on Keira half-naked, Jay gets an instant boner and takes the chance to wander into her bedroom. Keira tries to tell him it's inappropriate, but Jay refuses to be deterred, even after Keira kicks him out. As Keira does laundry, Jay tries again to get back in Mom's pants. He waits for her skirt to ride up and then pulls out his cock. Jay approaches Keira from behind and starts feeling her through her panties. Keira is pissed and tries to get away, but Jay still feels naughty. He chases his mother through the house with his tail outstretched until Keira storms off. Even later, Keira is in the shower when Jay sneaks in and starts cumming all over her naked, wet body. After some argument, Keira finally agrees to let Jay jerk off while he looks at her. Watching her big cock stepson strip naked is too much for Keira though. She wants to take part in this campaign. She tells Jay she's going to make him cum and then keeps her word. They go about their business, although Keira is still unsatisfied. Since she didn't get out earlier, Keira is too horny in bed that night, to endure it even longer. She's just starting to masturbate when Jay comes into her room naked. Keira wasn't expecting this, but eventually she agrees to let Jay lie next to her and masturbate as well. Their mutual masturbation quickly turns into Keira agreeing to let Jay eat her. As soon as she has her son's tongue between her thighs, Keira knows she has lost the willpower to keep saying no. Instead she decides that they will fuck her in different positions. On her back is good for Keira, but on her knees it's even better. Riding Jay's cock is just what Keira needs to finally feel full. She rewards Jay by sucking him off until he cums in her mouth, letting them both know that this is only the first of many sexual encounters.

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