Sweet Sophia XXXmovie. My new bratty sister

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Brick Danger isn't used to living with a stepsister, so he needs to learn some manners when Sweet Sophia moves in. When he opens the door to Sophia's room without knocking, he finds her in a thong and nothing else. Sophia yells at Brick and then shuts him out. He thinks about it for a while and then returns, remembering to knock this time. The step-siblings have a heart to heart, and Brick concludes by saying that if there's anything he can do to help, all Sophia has to do is ask. Sophia has one thing she wants. She heard rumors at school that Brick has a really big cock. She wants to see it. Brick tries to tell Sophia no, but she insists. She pops out her tits and sweetens the pot by saying Brick can play with her tits, when she can see his cock. When Brick relents, Sophia immediately falls to her knees to fondle her while telling Brick she's not done with him yet. Soon she's nodding her head between giggles and a blowjob. Sophia climbs into her bed and strips out of her clothes to seduce Brick into giving her the D right where she wants it. She puts him on his back so she can feel his big cock inside her as she rides it, first cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. On her hands and knees, Sophia watches over her shoulder as Brick slides home. She rolls onto her back and pulls her knees up to her breasts, leaving them wide open for Brick to give them to her. Squeaking and squirming, Sophia makes it clear that she loves her stepbrother's big cock! He gives her one last treat as he gets Sophia on her knees to blow his load in her mouth. the perfect finale to their brand new step-sibling relationship.

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