Tube Movie by Jillian Janson. gold digger

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Jillian Janson is a sensual babe who is very keen to have her own sexual needs satisfied. She's just starting to get dirty for a hot masturbation when her stepbrother Justin Hunt and stepmom Alana Cruise burst into the room. Alana has a mission for Jillian: make Justin attractive to a rich girl. Jillian is upset about the intrusion, but eventually she gives her stepbrother the information he needs to have a successful date. Later, Justin returns home and shares that his date went well, but the girl was more sensual than he expected. He's not very good in bed, but Alana has an answer. She begs Jillian to give Justin some hands-on experience in bed, and eventually Jillian agrees. Alana makes Jillian strip naked so she can show Justin how to rub a girl. s clit and give her some much needed foreplay. When Justin seems ready to move on to the next lesson, Alana puts Jillian through multiple sex positions with her stepbrother. They start off by fucking doggy style and then Jillian climbs on top of Justin's fuck stick to ride it in her tight pussy. Justin slaps Jillian on the back, reaching the point of no return and filling his stepsister with a creampie, much to the dismay of both women.

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