Star video clip with Bella Bends. Intense orgasm 7

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Bella Bends gives in to the temptation to slowly run her hands down her long, smooth legs and draw her palms up her body until she reaches the sensitive pillar of her neck. Unable to resist, she takes off her bra and then slides her hands to her hips so she can pull up the sheer fabric of her thong to snuggle into her smooth slit. A few minutes of seducing herself with one finger on her clit and the other hand running her panties back and forth up her wet cunt is all this blonde babe can endure before removing her underwear completely. Naked and horny, Bella returns to the couch with her knees on the pillows so she can lift her nice round ass in the air. she reaches around spreads her ass cheeks wide and then pushes her fingers ankle deep into her tight hole. The feeling of fullness her fingers induce is incredible, but this sex kitty needs more stimulation before she can cum. Bella rolls onto her back, spreads her legs wide and lightly touches her tender clit with her fingertips. Her touches become firmer and more confident as she gets off the couch and slides a finger into her crevice to play with her anus. This double stimulation is just what Bella needs to blow herself over the edge of her long, intense climax.

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