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Blake Blossom is a flirty fashionista who can't wait to show herself off. She chooses a variety of outfits to play to the camera, each more sensual than the last. In between takes, Blake spills the tea about what she loves about her coworkers.When she's ready, she brings in Alex Mack for a photoshoot together. Before Alex ever hits the scene, Blake confesses that their clothes are probably going to come off. Things heat up right away as the couple gets handsy before the flashing cameras, and before long Alex has an undeniable hardon.Dropping to a crouch, Blake pulls that fuck stick out and puts her hands and mouth to work. She strokes and sucks, enjoying every inch of that nice stiffie. Getting to her feet, Blake shimmies out of her clothes as Alex ditches his. Fully nude, she sits in a chair so Alex can take his turn eating that dripping twat out.Blake gets to her feet and turns around. Kneeling, she watches over her shoulder as Alex slides on home. She rocks back to meet his every stroke, meeting him thrust for thrust as he winds his hand through her long hair.Next it's Alex's turn to take a seat. Blake can barely wait for him to get settled before planting herself in his lap. Her snatch is nice and wet, which makes it easy for her to slide down and go for a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride.The two swap spots, with Blake on her back. Alex is right there to reenter her and keep their pussy party going. By the time Blake's breathy moans reach a fever pitch, Alex is ready to pull out and blow his load on her big naturals, leaving Blake looking tussled and gorgeous in a freshly fucked way.
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